Talent Attraction & Retention

Every business desires to create a strong and effective work team.  To reach that goal, an employer must both attract and retain the right people for the job.  The MCH Employer DPC program can increase employer marketability with past and future recruits.

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Overhead Management

We at MCH know that business owners desire to provide the benefit of access to healthcare to their employee staff. However, the rising costs of traditional health insurance plans can be prohibitive when tight operating budgets are mandatory.  The MCH Employer DPC program may help your business attain its affordable health benefit goals.

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Improved Productivity

When your employee team has easy access to quality preventative care, your business will experience reduced rates of employee absenteeism and increased employee productivity.   The MCH Employer DPC Program will work with your business towards your productivity goals.

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The MCH Employer DPC Membership Program:  Partnering with Local Businesses to Give More to Our Community

MCH developed the MCH Employer DPC program as we understand the care access gape produced by the rapidly inflating costs of healthcare.  As we well know, these cost rises can quickly outpace most businesses’ profit margins.  Often small and medium-sized businesses, the core of our nation’s corporate economy, struggle the hardest to meet the life needs of their employees.  These financial limitations has a negative impact on a business’s marketability in the employee market and reduces overall quality of life for retained employees if employer-funded health coverage is not available.  Communities with workers with low or no healthcare accessibility are harmed by increased chronic disease burdens, lower work productivity, and by an overall lower socioeconomic status profile.

Partner with MCH and we will lend a hand to help your business help improve your staff’s and your community’s overall well-being.

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If your organization would like to receive more detailed information regarding the MCH Employer DPC Membership program, contact us.

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