MCH Membership Programs

Design your health care financing plan yourself with the MCH Membership Programs.

The MCH Membership Programs are a suite of affordable non-insurance memberships designed to meet your specific healthcare goals. Pick one or select a few to create a program just for you!

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Direct Primary Care (DPC) Memberships

Memberships to provide you the accessible primary care services you need whether in-clinic or by remote telehealth care.

Regardless of the Primary Care program you choose, your membership gives you:

  • Access to discounted rates for lab testing and medications
  • Access to partnered healthcare providers with discounted rates
  • Generous visit times
  • Free annual visit
  • Free annual lab panel*

* Labs included in annual free lab panel depend on membership program enrollment

DPC Basic Program

Basic primary care without the costly (and unused) frills. Like the sound of that? Then this is for you!

DPC Plus Program

Like 45-60 minute visits to learn about managing your health naturally and holistically? The DPC+ program is what you want.

Direct Health Coaching (DHC) Membership

Ready to turn your life into a healthier direction through new nutrition and activity habits? Our Holistic Health Coach can get you - and keep you - on the right path with our DHC Membership program!

Direct Naprapathy Care (DNC) Membership

Have regular therapeutic visits with our Doctor of Naprapathy to minimize and even eliminate new and chronic pain issues with this cost-effective membership program.

Wondering about hospital and ER care?

Combine a MCH membership with one of several highly affordable cost-share program options to create a comprehensive healthcare financing plan.  Obtain ER and advanced imaging services with our partner, Albuquerque ER & Hospital.

Contact us for more information about cost-share programs and the Albuquerque ER & Hospital.

***For current fee schedule of the MCH Membership Programs, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the MCH Membership Programs are not a concierge set of medical membership programs.  They are programs based on the Direct Care healthcare business model.  Typically, a true concierge program offers 24/7 direct access to associated medical providers and the member pays a premium monthly or annual rate for this benefit which often is in the $1000’s.  The MCH Membership Programs are designed to provide quality healthcare and increased visit times to partner with your provider at affordable prices.  To keep prices affordable, members do not have 24/7 access to providers but can message providers via HIPAA compliant patient portal access. 

Currently, as of February 1, 2024, the DPC Basic membership fee is $70 per month and the fee for the DPC Plus program is $145 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees for each monthly charge. Due to the usual changes in the economy, these rates may have changed at the time of your reading of this FAQ answer.  Please call 505-881-5307 to verify current rates.

If you have health insurance, you can use your health insurance for ER visits, hospitalizations, labs, imaging orders, medication prescriptions and referrals as our medical providers are still able to order these for you.

If you don’t have health insurance, Mayimrapha Comprehensive Healthcare (MCH) is continuing to identify low cost medication pharmacy providers and to create partnerships with specialist and ancillary health professionals to offer special self-pay rates for MCH Membership Program members.  Contact us to learn more about our current partnered providers, like the Albuquerque ER and Hospital.

Although MCH will not contact your insurance or submit claims to your health insurance, your health insurance provider may be willing to cover for some of the costs associated with services provided to you at our clinic. MCH can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Typically, health insurance will not cover the monthly membership fees but will cover services not included in the MCH Membership program (for example, the cost of an in-clinic urine dip test).   Contact your health insurance provider to verify if your plan allows you to request reimbursement of service fees and/or membership fees.  

PLEASE NOTE, MCH PATIENTS WITH MEDICARE: Medicare does not allow ANY reimbursement for the membership fees or for medical service  expenses paid at MCH due to federal Medicare regulations.  You are not allowed to submit reimbursement requests for these charges and fees to Medicare.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), sometimes these accounts will cover the monthly membership fees of a Direct Primary Care program membership such as our MCH Membership Program. They may also cover other health service fees you perform at MCH.  Contact your HSA provider to verify if this is an available reimbursement option for your particular HSA account.

MCH does not provide urgent care, emergency care or hospital care.  However we refer our uninsured clients to the Albuquerque ER & Hospital which provides high quality and excellent emergency and hospital care at amazing prices to its Self Pay customers.  Learn more about this fantastic ER & Hospital provider at:

Yes, we provide family discounts!  Please contact us at 505-881-5307 for details.

When you sign up as a MCH Membership Program member, you will be signing a contract which requires that you commit to at least a 6-month membership period.  If you terminate the agreement sooner than 6 months from your enrollment start date, you will be subject to forfeiture of certain free services included with the membership and penalties may apply if you choose to re-enroll later.

Yes!  We also offer a regular self-pay fee schedule for those who would prefer not to be a MCH Membership Program member.  Please contact us at 505-881-5307 for more information.