Primary Care with the Holistic Touch

Come experience high quality healthcare given with professionalism and the personal attention to your care that considers the whole you - your real you.


What makes Mayimrapha different?

Primary Care - Holistically

Your health is more than the sum of your body parts.  It is health of mind, of body, and of spirit.  We believe in this whole-heartedly and strive to consider the whole you – the real you - when providing you care.

Our Team Is Your Team

We team with our clients to create a strong foundation on which to build lasting good health for a high quality of life.  We seek out the root causes of illness and tailor our care to help you to reach your healthcare goals.

Multi-Modality Care Model

MCH providers provide multi-faceted care utilizing board-certified allopathic (Western), naturopathic, non-drug and alternative care modalities to promote health and healing.

All In One Place

Our clinic offers a suite of healthcare services to our clients in a single healthcare setting, including nutrition counseling, health coaching, behavioral health services, medical massage therapy, and more.

Primary Care

Primary care is our core. Board-certified Family Medicine care identifies health issues and designs a holistic healthcare plan customized to your needs.

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health team of counselors will compassionately help guide you through the emotional processing you need to be your best you.

Massage Therapy

Come experience the healing touch of our clinical massage therapy team to manage a range of health concerns from stress to pain to high blood pressure.

Alternative Health

Enhance your healthcare with our alternative health providers offering nutrition counseling, holistic health coaching, EFT training, naprapathic care and more.

Are you underinsured or uninsured?

We have the affordable healthcare solution for you.

MCH understands that obtaining quality healthcare can be quite cost burdensome.  As such, for our uninsured and under-insured clientele, we offer highly affordable cash plan options for our services.  These non-insurance Direct Care Program (DCP) membership plans are cost-transparent to aid in budgeting for your healthcare.  Our plans are designed to meet the needs of individuals and families alike.

What do we mean by “under-insured” clientele?  If your insurance plan has a very high deductible or otherwise puts a large burden of healthcare costs on you before the insurer kicks in such that you are reluctant to use the insurance, you would meet our definition of under-insured client.

Healthcare Made Affordable –
The MCH Direct Care Programs

MCH is honored to offer you access to affordable, high-quality healthcare via our Direct Care Program (DCP) memberships. Are you uninsured, under-insured, or simply want to access holistic primary care services without the high cost? If so, please consider becoming an MCH Direct Care Program member!  A few benefits of membership including:

Extended visit time with your MCH provider(s)

Cost Transparency – you’ll know what you’ll have to pay BEFORE you receive services making budgeting easier

FREE yearly lab panel and other free services*

Special DCP discounts for our massage therapy and alternative health provider services

*Free services depending on DCP membership purchased.

Are you interested in offering an affordable employee healthcare benefit?

We at MCH understand that these are hard financial times for small business owners.  MCH offers the Employer Direct Primary Care Membership program to help our community’s small businesses to affordably provide a healthcare benefit to their hard-working staff.  This membership program, in combination with highly affordable cost-share programs, can form a comprehensive healthcare benefit for your employees at drastically reduced cost compared to traditional health insurance plans.