MCH Direct Care Programs

Starting at just $35 per month, design your health care financing plan yourself with the MCH Direct Care Programs.

The MCH DC Programs are a suite of affordable non-insurance healthcare membership programs where each is designed to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the program you choose, your membership gives you access to:

  • Special rates on alternative health services and ancillary clinic services like lab testing
  • Access to partnered healthcare providers with negotiated special service rates for DCP members
  • Generous visit times
  • Free annual visit*
  • Free annual lab panel**
  • No hidden costs

* Visit scheduling fee waived for 1 visit per membership year
** Labs included in annual free lab panel depend on membership program enrollment

Doctor talking to a happy Latin American family at the office

Direct Primary Care (DPC) Programs

Memberships to provide you the accessible primary care services you need whether in-clinic or by remote telehealth care.

DPC Basic Program

Wanting basic healthcare without the cost of healthcare coverage frills you never use? This membership is the program for you.

DPC Plus Program

Don’t have insurance but are interested in managing your health with visit times of 45-60 minutes and naturopathic care options integrated into the healthcare services you receive? Choose a DPC Plus membership.

DPC Naturopathy Program

Have insurance but want extended visit times and access to naturopathic options of care for your health? Become a DPC Naturopathy member!

Direct Behavioral Health Care (DBHC) Programs

Life can be stressful and we have a team that can support you through the tough times.

DBHC Counseling Program

Access the behavioral health counseling services you need in times of trial without the high cost.

Direct Telehealth Care (DTC) Programs

Don’t have the time for in-clinic visits and just want healthcare access on the go? These Telehealth Only programs are right for you!

DTC Primary Care Program

Primary care services provided by video and phone for those wanting the healthcare access without all the fuss.

DTC Behavioral Health Counseling Program

Bringing counseling services directly to you, conveniently, by video and phone.

Wondering about hospital and ER care?

Combine a DCP membership with one of several cost-share program options to create a comprehensive healthcare financing plan.  Obtain ER and advanced imaging services with our partner, Albuquerque ER & Hospital.

Contact us for more information about cost-share programs and the Albuquerque ER & Hospital.

***For current fee schedule of the Direct Care Programs, please contact us.